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Loves Travel, SocialMedia, Beauty, Desserts ----- Wannabe: BusinessMagnet , TalkShowHost & Philanthropist. ----- IonInsider (Beauty) ----- Blogs at: http://www.FlyingPistachios.com

  • Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger -->> http://www.dblchin.com

  • Clozette is Asia's top fashion & beauty community, connecting stylish and savvy trendsetters from around the region. Talk to us! info@clozette.co

  • Not-so-secret beauty junkie!

  • Instagram: @cforcassan Blog: www.thenicethoughts.blogspot.com

  • Beauty Blogger | YouTuber | Fashion Lover A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Nature gives you the face you have at 20, it is up to you to merit that face you have at 50 - Coco Chanel

  • For me, the greatest fashion statement a woman can have are gratitude & contentment in whatever she's born with, fearfully & wonderfully knitted by God. Indeed, beauty is skin deep.

  • Loves to smile and believes that smile is her best cosmetic. NEVER-ENDING chase for new & better skincare products is part of my life. Blog URL: http://www.love-vians.blogspot.com Instagram: vivianeng21 Follow me if you like what I snapped

  • 19 year-old Journalism student from the University of Santo Tomas / The Varsitarian Special Reports Editor / Courtside Reporter of UST for UAAP Season 76


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