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Clozette is Asia's top fashion & beauty community, connecting stylish and savvy trendsetters from around the region. Talk to us! info@clozette.co

  • Beauty Blogger / Makeup Enthusiast from Manila, PH. www.beautychapter.net

  • Just a random fashionholic. Visit my sites: whatislifewithoutwhimsy.blogspot.com Twitter & Instagram: @sharniehung arandomfashionholic.tumblr.com

  • YouTuber (coffeeandsparklebymimi).Makeup Junkie.Photographer.Lover of Jesus. Email: coffeeandsparklebymimi@gmail.com Portfolio: www.stefnaomi.com

  • Adore minimalist everything. I love to purge my stuff! www.itsmiyo.blogspot.com Instagram @itsmiyoh Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiM2DQuOo_bffNCmKtLdKQA/videos Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsmiyo

  • Jess Lee is a full time blogger at http://jessying.com and social media influencer after she has resigned from her full time position in the legal industry about three years ago. She has now been blogging for the 7 years and her blog covers mainly about beauty, travel and lifestyle. Besides blogging, she is also a freelance social media strategist.

  • Instagram: @cynthiazpy

  • Clothes hoarder. Shoes lover. Adventure seeker. Jet setter. Pretty ordinary girl who happens to have Lady Luck on her side most of the time. My life has more ups than downs, and for that I'm thankful :) I love meeting new friends so feel free to add me up and drop me a line to let me know who you are!

  • Hey there! I'm Gela Muñoz - a 26 year old freelance stylist, graphic designer, and the brainchild behind clothing brand EFFY. Currently exploring the vlog life and striving to live (and dress) well one day at a time.


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